FIVE QUESTIONS: Oberlin city council

Staff Report

We asked five questions of each of the 14 candidates running for seven Oberlin city council seats.

1) What do you want to accomplish as an Oberlin city council member in the next two years?

2) The future of the former Green Acres property has been a matter of dispute. How would you like to see the property developed, if at all?

3) What do you see as Oberlin biggest problem and what do you see as Oberlin’s greatest strength?

4) Where do you think resources should be shifted to better serve residents and why? For example: More police officers? Community development? Improved roads/sewers? Training?

5) Why do you think you are the best candidate to serve in a council seat? What experience or unique qualifications make you the ideal candidate?

Note: Not all candidates responded to our questionnaire, mailed in late September to addresses listed with the Oberlin board of elections. We received no response from Don Bryant, Eugene Matthews, or Elizabeth Meadows. Nor did all candidates provide a photo for publication as requested.


David Ashenhurst

Scott Broadwell

Bryan Burgess

Peter Comings

Jeanne McKibben

Sharon Pearson

Ronnie Rimbert

Kelley Singleton

Linda Slocum

David Sokoll

Sharon Fairchild Soucy

Staff Report