Endowment awards $26,780 in grants

Staff Report

The Oberlin Schools Endowment Fund recently awarded $26,780 in grants to help fund 21 programs for the Oberlin City Schools.

This year’s recipients are:

• Kindercamp (Eastwood Elementary School)

• Connecting the Past to the Present (Prospect Elementary School)

• Inquiry Through Song Writing (Eastwood)

• Second Grade Weather Inquiry (Eastwood)

• Second Step Child Protection Unit (Eastwood and Prospect)

• DuBois Fraction Club (Eastwood and Prospect)

• The Innovator (Prospect)

• Newton’s Law: Minds in Motion (Prospect)

• ELMO Visualizers (Prospect)

• Candle of Knowledge (Langston Middle School)

• Pickle Ball for Physical Education (Langston)

• The “Kind-Set” Is Your Mindset (Langston)

• Eighth Grade Trip to Washington, D.C. (Langston)

• Tools of the Trade (Oberlin High School)

• Oberlin Backpack Program (districtwide)

• Gingerbread House Project (OHS)

• Junior and Senior Ohio Model UN (Langston and OHS)

• Oberlin Athletic Booster Camperships (OHS)

• Vernier Data Collection Technology and Software (OHS)

• Electronic Balances for Science (OHS)

• District Branding (districtwide)

As the years pass, nearly every student in the Oberlin school district has benefited in some manner from funds that have been distributed by the endowment. Students have been able to participate in extra programs, use additional technologies and equipment, or take an extra field trip, all of which may not have been possible were it not for the support of the endowment.

Staff Report