FIVE QUESTIONS: Oberlin city council candidate Linda Slocum

Linda Slocum

Linda Slocum

1) I want to make city government more responsible and responsive to its citizens. We need to ensure an effective, respectful, working relationship among council members and among council, staff, commissions, and citizens. I see an opportunity with new sustainable construction and renovations to promote training and employment of local talent. Capitalizing on our Climate Action Plan, we should aggressively attract both related businesses and tourism. We can become more business and family-friendly by reviewing our current ordinances and making sure they are necessary and up-to-date. We need to improve the quality of city services.

2) We have time to decide the best use of this property. We can go back to the community to elicit ideas. Council needs to determine how much of a role it will assume in its future. Will it create the vision and then let private entrepreneurs develop the property, or will it retain some kind of proprietorship? Data from the housing needs study being conducted should be helpful. Currently, I like the idea of energy-efficient cluster homes on five acres, sharing common garden and recreation space. Whatever happens at Green Acres, it needs to foster community living.

3) Oberlin’s greatest problem and strength have the same roots: our diversity and our history. Diversity makes this a particularly exciting and vibrant community and challenges us to always address racial and socio-economic differences in our decisions. Let’s find way to advance our historical role as we forge the future together!

4) As a newcomer to council, I will bring a fresh pair of eyes to the budget. Perhaps we need to rethink ideas about what we can and cannot accomplish, to more broadly explore outside sources of revenue. I plan to listen to community concerns and priorities. Quality of services is important. For example, investing in our infrastructure (improving roads, biking and walking paths, storm sewer systems, snow removal, etc.) will enhance the quality of living for everyone and attract new families to the area.

5) I’ve lived in the Oberlin area for 25 years and helped reestablish the League of Women Voters. Through volunteer service and leadership, I’m aware of many issues facing us. A supporter of citizen participation in government and examining issues carefully, I bring concern for process and reaching consensus to council.

Linda Slocum Slocum