FIVE QUESTIONS: Oberlin city council candidate Ronnie Rimbert

1) I would like to see the city of Oberlin put our storm water utilities in place.

2) I still believe it should be a housing development. I am not sure of the elements that should be involved in it. I think there should be more community conversations. I would like to see mixed use on it.

3) Our greatest strength is the diversity within the Oberlin community. I don’t like to refer to things as a problem, rather issues. As a community there is more than one individual issue. We need to overcome each one. Examples: parking, Renewable Energy Credits, and storm water management.

4) I firmly believe the city is on a good course as far as our resources with our infrastructure, and with our maintaining a quality police and fire department. We have been a good steward with our tax dollars for the citizens of Oberlin.

5) I have been elected by the citizens of Oberlin for seven terms. I have had the privilege to work with James W. White, Everette Tyree, Bill Jindra, Fran Bauman, Eve Sandberg, Calvin Waite, David Sonner, to name a few. This has given me a broad perspective on community awareness.