FIVE QUESTIONS: Oberlin city council candidate Sharon Pearson

Sharon Pearson

Sharon Pearson

1) My vision is to improve transportation options throughout the county, with access to Cleveland, to benefit Oberlin residents. Improved transportation leads to increased opportunities for training and jobs that reduces poverty and low income levels to create a resilient and prosperous community. I also will work to grow youth leaders to support political and civic organizations. I support and am working to improve the flow of information for residents and among city council members so we can work together as a team although we have different opinions. In everything I do, sustainability will be the default setting.

2) There are many aging residents that can no longer stay in a home but desire to remain in Oberlin. There are other residents that prefer not or cannot afford to own a home. I believe this property should be developed so that it is income-inclusive yet focus on assisting low-income and senior residents so they can remain in the community. In addition, sustainable development, according to the city’s Climate Action Plan, should be a priority. I want the developer and city administration to actively listen to the community and make adjustments so that the development fits the neighborhood.

3) Oberlin’s history states we are a leader of social justice and sustainability. If we are a social justice leader then why is our poverty at 21 percent and not under 15 percent? And if we are a leader of sustainability then why are sustainable practices not the default setting?

4) A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The city should focus on sustainable (electric) transportation options, job training, local jobs, improved housing options, and energy efficiency with sustainability as a priority to fulfill the goal of creating a prosperous and resilient community. We also need to continually work to find ways to obtain feedback from the community in a way that is inclusive, perhaps holding some meetings at neutral locations such as the public library so the community feels comfortable to attend and express their opinions.

5) I was born and raised in Oberlin and worked for the city for 25 years. I work hard to achieve goals even if I was not involved in approving them, such as achieving those set by a previous city council that approved the Climate Action Plan and City Strategic Plan.

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