FIVE QUESTIONS: Oberlin city council candidate Bryan Burgess

Bryan Burgess

Bryan Burgess

1) The process has been frustratingly slow but these next two years should finally see the realization of our goal to establish a storm water utility. I have long been an advocate for addressing flood-prone areas such as Hollywood Street and Reserve Avenue. However, the storm water utility should also take a proactive approach by incentivizing bioswales, retention ponds, rain gardens, and other strategies to mitigate severe storm water events. Flooded streets and basements are a communitywide problem and deserve a communitywide response. The city of Columbus even provides basement waterproofing as a component of their program. We should too!

2) Because I live immediately across from Green Acres, and the development of that property may have an effect on the value of my home, I am compelled by the Ohio Ethics Commission to recuse myself from participating in any debate or vote on the matter. However, I enthusiastically voted to purchase that property during my first term on city council so that the site could be developed to the benefit of all Oberlin residents. Should the next council provide clear direction to the city administration, I hope that Green Acres will be home to many Oberlinians – old and new.

3) Oberlin’s greatest flaw is a bubble mentality in our decision-making that we are somehow isolated or insulated from the outside world. Our greatest strength is the constant influx of talented residents from around the world that make Oberlin such a unique and socially diverse community.

4) The sale of Renewable Energy Credits has created a new source of revenue that should be used to augment existing city services and help everyone reduce their energy bills through investing in energy efficiency. Providing grants and loans for efficient facilities would support existing businesses and also attract new ones creating additional jobs in the community. Insulating every home in Oberlin, including rental properties, would ensure permanently reduced energy costs for all Oberlin families. This is not a monthly handout but an opportunity to invest in our community — to invest in our future.

5) I was elected six years ago to steer our community toward an environmentally sustainable and prosperous future. Oberlin is now a nationally recognized leader in green energy but the job isn’t yet complete. Please elect candidates who champion this cause. I appreciate the continued support of my friends and neighbors.

Bryan Burgess Burgess