FIVE QUESTIONS: Oberlin city council candidate Scott Broadwell

Scott Broadwell

Scott Broadwell

1) I would like to see Oberlin city council, along with city administration and staff, continue to provide excellent and effective services to the residents of Oberlin while keeping in mind our commitment to Oberlin’s core values. These values include, along with excellent and effective services: open and honest communication, innovation, respect for all members of the community, leadership, stewardship of Oberlin’s resources, and continuing a neighborly attitude and friendliness. Some of these core values have too often been ignored by some to the detriment of the community. Council needs to lead the way in following the city’s core values.

2) After a year and a half of discussion and often considerable disagreement, the development of the Green Acres property has been put on hold. With the completion of a citywide market housing survey, not only will we be able to gain a sense of the type of housing that might work at Green Acres, but also look at possible housing options throughout the rest of the city. In the end, it may be determined that the city should not be in the housing development “business” and the property should be sold to someone in the private sector for development.

3) One of Oberlin’s biggest problems is the recent increase in the degree of rudeness, incivility, and arrogance from a few members in the community. This is unfortunate. One of Oberlin’s greatest strengths is its large number of involved and committed citizens working for the improvement of the community overall.

4) The phrasing of this question implies that there is an imbalance in the allocation of budgeted funds throughout the city. Yes, I would love to have more money for infrastructure and other city services, but without an increase in revenue, that would entail shifting a large amount of funds from one vital area of city operations to another. The city operates on a budget that is developed by staff and is approved by council to allocate funds throughout the city. Adjustments in the budget are then made over the course of the year to better serve Oberlin’s residents.

5) Over the past four terms I have worked for the improvement and well-being of the entire community. I pride myself on being an active member and participant in community affairs and events. Along with my service on council, I serve on various boards and committees in Oberlin and the region.

Scott Broadwell Broadwell