Landowner pleads for southern NEXUS route

To the editor:

I own the land that is adjacent to the SplashZone and community recreation fields in Oberlin – the exact parcel of land that the NEXUS pipeline is proposing for its route. I am very much opposed to them taking my land for this use, and here’s why: I am concerned for the environment and well-being of my fellow Oberlin and Lorain County residents. I’m hoping that you all check out the facts about the pipeline’s route.

Please do the research. Facts are available and should be in the hands of everyone to realize the widespread impact of what could happen if the pipeline would be compromised. Please believe that catastrophes can and do happen. Go to the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration site and read the statistics. Check out for additional information.

An alternative route for this pipeline has been developed by the city of Green at their expense. This more southerly route would mean 70 percent fewer residences affected by the pipeline’s construction and maintenance. The current route would affect three schools in our area. No school would be affected in the more southerly alternative. Additionally 56 percent of the environmentally sensitive areas would be undisturbed. So why not elect this plan? That is the question we have posed to Spectra Energy, builders of the pipeline. There answer is, “It does not fit into our marketing plan.”

Local landowners are challenging this decision in the courts. Some surrounding counties have found legal support in initial decisions. Not so in Lorain County, at least, not yet. To have our voices heard we need your support. Please join us from 7-9 p.m. on Sept. 10 at the Grafton town hall to be more fully informed.

Please be proactive to protect our communities.

Karen Fridenstine