‘The Don’ is underwhelming

To the editor:

Donald Trump is not a self-made man. He inherited a real estate empire from his father. He has used bankruptcy, at least three or four times, on failed projects (not on his entire holdings) as a business maneuver.

“The Donald”, as his first of three wives called him, referred to “that face” of fellow Republican Carly Fiorina. Donald asked if we would like to see “that face” in the White House, apparently implying her face was not attractive. Would you like to see “that hair-do” in the White House? Could Donald Trump be bald, and not willing to reveal it?

“The Trumpet” as I call him, is an accomplished showman and he is clever. What else can he show as qualifications for the presidency?

If Donald Trump were a Democratic candidate exhibiting the same characteristics, what would Republicans say then? The Republican party used to be called the Grand Old Party. Where has that party gone?

Virginia Erdy