Video project cancellation is a disservice

To the editor:

The voters in Oberlin have been short changed. The Oberlin Community Candidates Night Coalition, represented by 13 Oberlin organizations, proposed to present equally and fairly a video of Oberlin city council candidates. The video was to be shown on Cable Co-op for two weeks prior to Candidates Night and on YouTube.

The video project adhered to the non-partisan policies of the League of Women Voters. Unfortunately, this effort was thwarted.

All candidates were given an equal opportunity to answer the same question in two minutes. The video would have informed handicapped and homebound people in our community. The younger generation get their information from YouTube. Sadly the voter’s rights were curtailed.

A few incumbent city council candidates caused the video project to be terminated. The loss of this information gives unfair advantage to incumbents. Oberlin voters were denied valuable input needed to cast informed votes.

Mary McDaniel