In support of Kelley Singleton for council

To the editor:

It’s easy to be disparaging about politics. But a local election allows all registered voters the opportunity to cast a vote for someone they know that demonstrates honesty, is intelligent and is respected.

And that is why I am pleased Kelley Singleton is running for city council.

Kelley’s voice needs to be heard! Kelley has the natural ability for what it would take to be a great agent for all people — the ability to listen attentively, voice difficult issues in a calm manner, and address concerns realistically with sensible solutions.

While our Oberlin community has challenges, it is a rich-by-character intergenerational community. Kelley represents the best of what an “Oberlinian” city council member can be! Living in a mid-size apartment community, I see Kelley as a devoted and honorable young family man: patient and kind toward all others, many of whom are elderly, in our building. The fact that Kelley will accept no donations for his campaign has given me yet another reason to pause and reflect.

Kelley is a decent man with integrity. May we all be so fortunate to have Kelley Singleton as a newly elected city council member.

Marianne Caldwell