In support of Soucy for council

To the editor:

Sharon Soucy is running for reelection as an Oberlin city councilperson. She deserves to serve another term and I am proud to add my name to those who are supporting Sharon.

In a day and age in which many debunk government and those who run for office, Sharon stands out as a council member who works hard, stays in touch with the community, and gets things done. She has been an outstanding councilperson and Oberlin is a better place because of her efforts.

We need intelligent, hard working, common sense folks in city government. Fortunately, we have such in Sharon Soucy and Oberlin will be well served when she is reelected.

I have lived here all of my life and so has Sharon. She knows, understands, and appreciates the wonderful diversity and uniqueness of this community while also heeding the need to pay close attention to the finances and administration of a complex institution.

I am proud to support Sharon Soucy for Oberlin city council and ask that you, too, give her every consideration when you vote.

Penny Locke