A ‘non-partisan’ feels sad

To the editor:

I feel sad for the city of Oberlin. The people of Oberlin deserve more. Candidates for election need as much opportunity as possible to convey their message and the public needs to hear opposing views. The coalition candidate night is certainly not enough to reach the majority of those who will vote. Letters to the editor and advertisements generally support candidates without reference to issues. I would love to see a couple of debates on our own TV station and let those who have nothing to fear speak. I wish I knew a way of spreading information to the public at large. It seems people vote only on name recognition rather than issues.

I have talked to people who will vote and yet know nothing of the issues: issues concerning RECs, Green Acres, and the debate over the city manager among other things… I have tried to educate them concerning the alternatives in regards to these issues. The lack of understanding concerning alternative views to issues is overwhelming and there is no clear path to educate people. Many do not read the newspaper. We must find new ways to communicate both sides of issues to all the citizens of Oberlin.

Michael C Reitz