League posts voter guide for Nov. 3 ballot

To the editor:

Fourteen Oberlinians have committed to public service by agreeing to run for seven Oberlin city council seats. Two others are recommitting to serving on the Oberlin school board. The outcomes of three proposed state Constitutional amendments will determine the future of redistricting for state legislative districts, if the peoples’ right of initiative process will be amended to address impact to the state Constitution and the fate of cannabis legality. There will be many consequences as a result of this November’s election.

The League of Women Voters never endorses any candidate for public office but we have solicited information from all candidates and about the issues. This non-partisan information is available in the form of a paper voter guide that can be picked up at the Oberlin Public Library and elsewhere. The PDF of the voter guide may also be downloaded from the League’s website, www.lwvoberlinarea.org, or may be viewed online at www.vote411.org.

The League hopes all citizens exercise their right to vote in the Nov. 3 election and that the information we provide is useful to them.

Sue Simonson

Treasurer, League of Women Voters of the Oberlin Area