Cyclist killed in hit and run will be missed

To the editor:

Online, you wrote about a tragic hit and run accident where a motorist rear-ended cyclist Charlie Startup on Butternut Ridge Road resulting in his death and the motorist is still unknown.

Even though he had been a friend for several years, it was on a recent trip to Argentina wine country with a small group of bicyclists that my wife, Lisa, and I really got to know Charlie. With his good humor, quick wit and penchant for writing poetry he quickly became the “poet in residence” for the group describing the beautiful scenery we all encountered, not to mention the wine-saturated talks we had as we got to know each other. He also helped those who struggled with the language barrier by virtue of his proficiency in Spanish and had no problem getting along with everyone, most of whom were strangers to him.

Even though he was 70, he seemed to be a young man exploring new ways to see the world and meet people. He was a joy to be around and I am so glad that Lisa and I got to experience such a wonderful trip with him. Indeed, he will be missed.

Ken Sloane and Lisa Shomo