Service and leadership and Soucy’s trademarks

To the editor:

As a longtime resident and keen observer of all things Oberlin, I respectfully urge my fellow citizens to re-elect Sharon Soucy to the Oberlin city council.

Sharon has provided long and valuable service to Oberlin as a volunteer and leader for many organizations and activities and her work on city council has been exceptional. It is vitally important to have individuals on council who are willing to take a stand on important issues without being dogmatic, who are willing to listen to all of the varied constituencies in our town and make compromises when necessary in order to do what is best for our community. We need diligent and conscientious people who will fight through the noise, sort out the facts, and present a clear picture to the public on all issues big and small and “not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

In my opinion, Sharon Soucy is all that and more. As a veteran council member she understands the complexities of city government and the difficulties sometimes involved in assuring that that government works in a fair and equitable way for all Oberlin citizens. During her time on council, she has been a calm and rational voice for the public and has shown a willingness to look at all sides of complex issues and help provide the necessary leadership to get things done.

Service and leadership while trying always to do what is best for the whole Oberlin community are her trademarks and are, I believe, good reasons to re-elect Sharon Soucy to the Oberlin city council.

Jim Donovan