Reader has trust in Soucy

To the editor:

I urge voters to return Sharon Soucy to city council.

A lifetime resident of Oberlin, Sharon feels the pulse of the town. Many of her goals for our town are straightforward and measurable: to increase minimum wages for the city’s lowest paid hourly workers, to develop affordable housing options in town. She gives support to the policy of police foot patrols downtown and, along with concern over gun violence nationally, is involved in trying to establish gun control laws in town.

These are tangible, generally measurable matters. I have confidence in Sharon, as well, in other extremely important but less clearly defined areas dealing with finance, environment, and council effectiveness. In these areas her assets include being a clear thinker, a problem solver, an articulate supporter of her views, and a city council member who has a clear understanding of her role as a council member in relation to those in other city offices.

A vote for Sharon is a vote for good city management.

Jeanne Bay