Former city planner endorses Rimbert

To the editor:

This letter is being sent to encourage residents of Oberlin to cast their votes for Ron Rimbert for city council. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ron Rimbert for over 18 years, and as a former longtime employee of the city of Oberlin I have witnessed first-hand his steady and effective leadership on council during that time.

Ron Rimbert carefully weighs all matters before council in a reasoned and balanced manner that reflects the needs of the entire community, and provides for the most efficient operation of the city. He exercises sound judgment and common sense in dealing with the many complex matters facing the community. His decisions are invariably based on what is best for the community in the long term. His continued presence on council will serve the community well, in my opinion.

Please consider voting for Ron Rimbert for Oberlin city council this November.

Gary Boyle