Singleton has always explored ways to contribute

To the editor:

I believe that Kelley Singleton is a man who will serve Oberlin well as a member of city council.

Kelley was born and raised in Oberlin, but has studied, lived, and worked outside the community so that he can bring perspective to the town. Four years ago, he and his wife moved back to Oberlin because they considered it a better place to raise their two boys. They reinvested themselves in Oberlin.

Kelley, a project manager for Goodwill Industries, joined the Oberlin Rotary Club almost immediately. That is where I have watched him become ever more involved in helping a group devoted to the well being of Oberlin as he, himself, explored new ways that he could contribute to the well-being of Oberlin.

Kelley has proven himself a man of integrity: thoughtful, hard-working, open to ideas, willing to devote time to people and organizations of worth. He is an original thinker with a cooperative spirit and a healthy skepticism.

Kelley’s concern with certain issues indicate that he will take council responsibilities seriously: storm water utilities, cooperation with Oberlin College that would involve a different tack on taxation and pilot programs, revisiting of council and city worker pay scales.

Kelley also has a sense of humor and coaches baseball and soccer — still more pluses in proving a balanced perspective.

I recommend a vote for Kelley Singleton on Nov. 3.

Maxine Houck