Vote for Broadwell, Soucy, Rimbert, and Singleton

To the editor:

I believe this is the most important council election for many years to come. I will be voting for Scott Broadwell, Sharon Soucy, Ronnie Rimbert, and Kelley Singleton. I urge other folks to do the same because they will speak for the working class of this community.

This council election will decide whether those in this community who worship the environment will take over city government. These “ultra-greenies” are eager to spend your money to pursue their single goal — climate neutrality. They have the illusion that what they accomplish here in Oberlin will impact the world; it won’t, but they will bankrupt us trying. They are organized, committed, funded, and supported by the office of the president of Oberlin College (through the Oberlin Project) and many of them have lots of free time to attend meeting after meeting and make their voices heard. They promise green jobs but instead deliver higher electric rates. With public funds they purchase electric vehicles and seek to outlaw natural gas while they hypocritically heat their homes with natural gas and drive gasoline cars.

Broadwell, Soucy, and Rimbert voted in 2008, at the recommendation of PUC, the city manager, and electric director, to operate in concert with other AMP communities and participate in the construction of a clean coal plant. The next council overturned that decision and took Oberlin a separate way. But that plant was never built – and those AMP communities now have cheaper, non-coal power. Had we stayed the course adding the same wind RECs we now purchase we would have the same renewable power we have today, but at lower cost. The “greenness” of our power is determined by the RECs we hold not the electrons we use — morally and legally. We are paying higher rates to fund this so-called “green money machine.”

Broadwell, Soucy, Rimbert, and Singleton will continue to manage public funds with the same care they manage their own money, pursuing many important goals for this community, not just environmentalism. If you care about the direction of this community, now is the time to vote.

John Scofield