Soucy endorses Broadwell, Rimbert, Singleton

To the editor:

I would encourage voters to support Scott Broadwell, Ron Rimbert, and myself, Sharon Fairchild Soucy, in the upcoming Oberlin city council election. While we don’t always agree on every issue, we share a deep concern for the quality of life in all parts of our community, whether it be the college, the small business owner, or the working poor. As experienced council leaders, we recognize the importance of council members being committed to and knowledgeable about more than a single issue.

In addition, I would ask voters to support newcomer Kelley Singleton.

Kelley brings to council valuable experience from the corporate world making both financial and personnel decisions. Currently, as an administrator for Goodwill Industries, he demonstrates daily his commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals throughout the county.

Kelley has attended a number of Oberlin city council meetings better to understand issues facing the community. He has taken the time to speak directly to city administrators in order to educate himself about the process of city government.

Kelley is a young man who grew up in Oberlin, went through the Oberlin public schools, and now has returned with his wife and two young sons to make Oberlin their home.

I believe Kelley Singleton has much to offer Oberlin as a member of city council.

Sharon Fairchild Soucy

Oberlin city council member