Burgess took a stance against guns in town

To the editor:

On Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, when armed thugs marched into Oberlin carrying their shotguns and assault weapons through our businesses and into Pleasant Street Park where our children go to play, I was reminded of a bumper sticker on a pickup I’d seen once: it had a Confederate flag, a gun, and read “I’ll be glad to give it to you. Bullet first.”

City councilman Bryan Burgess was the only one of our elected officials — the only one — who met them at the park that day and told them that they were not welcome in our town.

And at the city council meeting the next night, after the leader of those animals snarled, “We will bring our guns to Oberlin no matter what you want and unless you submit we will sue you,” the majority of the council turned tail to him, rolled over, and repealed Oberlin’s gun laws that had protected us all.

But Bryan Burgess did not. He voted to keep that law on the books and tell them to keep their guns out of our town because while we don’t know you’ll come unglued and start killing us, if you have a pistol under your shirt or a shotgun in your hand you’ll damn sure kill a lot more of us than you would without.

That is courage, courage and commitment to those of us who didn’t vote for him and those like me who did. I want Cincinnatus at the bridge, not people who turn tail and run from rednecks shouting, “Lawsuit!”

Vote for Burgess. He stands for us.

Will McCracken