Avoid votes for those against Norenberg

To the editor:

When we go to the polls on Nov. 3 to elect our Oberlin city council, we should all bear in mind the unnecessary distractions and deep divide in city government that were caused earlier this year by a dysfunctional group of four council members.

This quartet attacked an outstanding city manager and his administration based solely upon what many, myself included, adjudged to be no more than petty personal agendas and grudges. They denied the community all manner of transparency in their doings by repeatedly refusing to participate in public sessions to discuss their problems. I regrettably bring up this past history because three members of this disruptive group — Sharon Pearson, Bryan Burgess, and Elizabeth Meadows — are running for re-election. Every voter needs to look closely at the negative effects these folk’s actions had on our community and our local government, both individually and as a group, and deny them a return to council.

We have several other incumbents and a number of new people with good qualifications running for council; cast your votes for seven of these. I strongly urge you to not vote for any of the three aforementioned people whose actions earlier this year were so damaging to us all.

Richard W. McDaniel