Support those in favor of sustainability

To the editor:

There are lots of candidates to consider in the Oberlin council election, and the topic of discussion frequently heard seems to be Oberlin’s commitment to sustainable (environmentally conscious) activity.

Needless to say, with climate change looming before us, it would be totally irresponsible for that not to be a topic of prime importance. I would like to remind you that three incumbents — Scott Broadwell, Ronnie Rimbert, and Sharon Soucy — all participated in previous councils that, among other sustainable initiatives, voted for legislation that created Oberlin’s Climate Action Plan, the city’s association with the Clinton Climate Initiative, and an energy portfolio that is 90 percent renewable. In addition, all of them supported a cautious approach to defining the leadership that the city manager must provide for prudent, cost-effective management of a city.

Be sure to consider all three when choosing between the 14 candidates running, and I certainly would look at newcomer Kelly Singleton.

Kenneth Sloane