Pearson’s dedication makes her a wise choice

To the editor:

I am encouraged by the platform and objectives of Sharon Pearson and believe she is a wise choice to help move the city council of Oberlin forward. As stated in the October statement in the Oberlin News-Tribune, Sharon is working to build a community of mutual respect while embracing our differences. Sharon Pearson has spoken out on the city’s Climate Action Plan and the 2005 Strategic Plan. Sharon has also taken the lead in growing youth leaders. Sharon is working toward an improved flow of information for residents and among city council members, working together to committed to all of Oberlin.

Having given great detail to this past year Sharon demonstrated her ability to listen, learn, and move forward.

The community has good choices to make on Nov. 3. I am encouraged by the leadership skills and dedication of Sharon Pearson. I hope voters demonstrate their support by making Sharon their choice.

Joanne Rahn