Victim of WWII camps: Allow Syrian refugees

To the editor:

The recent actions taken by governors of some states to restrict or bar Syrian refugees from entering their states is disturbing.

My wife and I were victims of a wartime hysteria that gripped that nation 74 years ago when we, along with over 120,000 Japanese Americans, were herded into America’s concentration camps, suspected of being potential saboteurs or providing espionage support for the enemy. Four years later, it was found that not one case of sabotage or espionage occurred to support this fear.

America is founded on refugee immigration of oppressed people and our hearts should go out to those families victimized by the current instability in the Middle East. I’m certain that with improved knowledge and technology, we will find means to better screen out refugees entering this country and ferret out suspicious individuals.

As the great philosopher George Santayana once said, “If we choose to ignore history, history will repeat itself.”

Roy U. Ebihara