Are police enforcing the speed limit?

To the editor:

I am constantly amazed by how many people speed on our 25 mph streets. I am appalled that our local police force apparently makes no attempt to stop speeders.

But in case I am misjudging our police, I would be reassured of their attention to this problem if you would publish the number of speeding tickets issued per month for the last year and these numbers showed that people are indeed getting caught speeding. If this were the case, then your newspaper would be doing the service of warning others to observe our local speed limits.

Of course, if the numbers showed hardly any tickets for speeding, then people would feel that they could speed with impunity. Now isn’t that a frightening thought?

Kevin Weidenbaum

Editor’s note: Thirty-three adults were cited with speeding violations in 2014, according to the Oberlin police department annual report. No juveniles were cited. These low figures hardly merit a monthly breakdown. Total adult traffic citations totalled 213, down 32 from the prior year. The year’s total for juvenile traffic citations was six.