Norenberg has made Oberlin a better place

To the editor:

While change is inevitable, I worry about too much change, too fast. When I came to Oberlin to open Kendal at Oberlin 23 years ago, I was delighted with the small-town ease of getting to know leaders within Oberlin. Businesses depend on one another here and work together to ensure success.

During my more than two decades here, city manager Eric Norenberg has largely contributed to making Oberlin a better place today. I would like to recognize his contributions in leading the city, distinguishing us in positive ways and inspiring cooperation and open communication among large or small businesses or individual citizens. I am proud to be able to talk about Oberlin to prospective residents moving from afar and share many Oberlin milestones that have been reached during his time. Among others, these come to mind: a strong financial rating on our bonds; numerous awards including Climate Action Champion and leader in green initiatives; being among the first Ohio schools to offer a K-12 IB program; Best Hometown, Healthy Hometown, and Most Intergenerational.

Thank you, Eric. You and Kay will be missed and no doubt will bring your new town distinguished leadership and hometown pride.

Barbara Thomas

CEO, Kendal at Oberlin