Speeders can be dangerous, negligent, and reckless

To the editor:

Clearly (letter to the editor authors) Mr. Weidenbaum and Mr. Jones are upset with speeders on our streets. I believe there are dangerous, reckless speeders, and negligent speeders. At 20 mph over the limit I would rate these as dangerous and reckless. I view a negligent speeder as one who may be going up to 5 mph over the speed limit, and are not usually dangerous or reckless.

I believe we are all guilty of negligent speeding on a daily basis. I have respect for the Oberlin police and chief Juan Torres, and rely on their training and judgement to determine what type of speeder we are, and if we warrant a ticket.

I will not argue with Mr. Jones’ math, but as he used all five cars passing on Pyle road per minute in his theory it would seem some of them are probably residents of the neighborhood, and should be notified, by him that their speeding bothers him.

John Whitman