Trump has crossed a horrific line

To the editor:

Once again Donald Trump spews his hate and un-American remarks. In his recent diatribe he sees no problem with detaining Muslims in detention camps just as President Roosevelt had authorized during World War II for Japanese immigrants and their American-born offspring.

The immigrants were called “aliens” and Donald Trump uses that term today. But, Donald Trump never questioned why they remained aliens since their immigration to America.

At the commencement of World War II, there were approximately 53,000 Japanese “alien” immigrants in the USA, many having lived in America for over 30 years, desiring citizenship but denied. The law of 1790 prevailed in spite of challenges made in the Supreme Court in 1924. That law in part stated that citizenship will be accorded to “any white person, residing in America for two years without a criminal record, etc.” Yes, my parents and my wife’s parents suffered the term “alien,” and were long denied the right to a citizenship until long after World War II when the Walter McCaran Immigration Act of 1953 allowed them the right to citizenship.

During the course of that war over 10,000 young men of Japanese ancestry volunteered for service while their parents were still held in detention in America’s concentration camps. They returned as America’s heroes, as the most decorated unit in the history of the U.S. Army, and garnering 21 Congressional Medals of Honor. Oh, and most of these fighting men were of Buddhist faith!

Mr. Trump might do well to look into congressional records that state the causes for the incarceration were racial prejudice, political failure, and wartime hysteria and no acts of sabotage or aiding or abetting the enemy ever occurred. America does not need to repeat the dark chapter of World War II.

Roy U. Ebihara