Community generosity appreciated by schools

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Oberlin community for its ongoing support of the Oberlin City Schools. I have never ceased to be amazed at the support and generosity of the Oberlin community. Countless people have offered their time and resources to our schools.

Many students in the Oberlin High School Class of 2015 recently completed a senior project. The senior project provides seniors an opportunity to pursue possible career interests or further explore a passion they might possess. This past year, a majority of seniors participated, and much thanks needs to be given to community members that accepted a supervisory/mentoring role with these students. Some of the local businesses and professionals that hosted our seniors include: the city manager’s office, Welcome Nursing Home, Ben Franklin, the Oberlin police department, and the Oberlin parks and recreation department, just to name a few. Their commitment is a lot to ask for, and sincere thanks needs to be extended to all who assisted the Oberlin High School seniors.

Oberlin College is always very gracious and giving of support, consistently granting us access to their facilities and providing tutors for Oberlin Schools students. Oberlin College was fortunate to have the First Lady, Michelle Obama, speak at their 2015 commencement. This highlight event was the end result of a partnership between Oberlin College and Oberlin City Schools with the award winning work of Kevin Gilfether, Oberlin High School alumnus, and Morgan Smith, an Oberlin High School senior. Additionally, Oberlin College provides Oberlin City Schools with the opportunity to hold our graduation services at Finney Chapel. We are extremely grateful in that Finney Chapel offers us the truly unique and idyllic place to hold graduation. I work with wonderful people in Oberlin College conference services, including Irene Bowers, Jessica Bayer-Crissman, and Sean the ‘sound-man’ — they make the whole planning process easy and fun.

The staff and students of Oberlin City Schools are very appreciative of the helpful relationships within the Oberlin community. We are grateful for your continued support and generosity.

Ronald Bier

Oberlin High School Science Teacher