Santa doesn’t discriminate, and neither should we

<strong>The Way I See It</strong> Jason Hawk, editor

The Way I See It Jason Hawk, editor

Have you been naughty or nice?

It shouldn’t matter. Santa Claus isn’t really about seeing you when your sleeping and knowing when you’re awake, judging you when you’ve been bad and taking away presents as punishment. Santa is supposed to be the embodiment of the very best element of human nature — unconditional love.

The spirit of Christmas is in giving, not punitive damages. I can’t imagine one so jolly, so altruistic, so utterly selfless skipping the homes of anyone. When has withholding love and generosity ever helped to make the world a better place?

So I ask you this Christmas Eve: Does Santa visit the naughty and nice alike? Does he visit everyone? I believe he does.

Does the jolly old elf visit the homes of those who grumble, those who gossip, those whose hearts are filled with malcontent? Yes.

Does Santa land his sled on the jailhouse roof? Does he visit coke dens and meth labs and heroin factories? Does he leave presents for warlords? I must believe he is better than I.

Does Santa Claus provide Christmas miracles for prostitutes? For lepers? For tax collectors? For adulterers? Yes.

Does Santa shimmy down the chimneys of slum lords, pimps, of executives who steal from the company’s pension? Yes, he does.

Does Santa Claus deliver toys to the children of terrorists? I believe he does.

Does Santa favor those who appear “clean” outwardly but have black hearts? No.

Does Father Christmas skip the homes of cop killers? Of the families of those killed by cops? No.

Does he visit only the rich? Does he visit only the white, the male, the privileged, the Protestant, the Catholic, the well-connected, the intelligent, the strong in spirit? No.

Does Santa visit the homes of sleeping atheists? Of Muslims? Of Hindus? Of Wiccans and Buddhists and Jainists and Jews and Taoists? Of course.

Does he visit only the poor? Does he visit only those in need, the struggling, the weary, the starving, the lower class, the jobless? No.

Does Santa visit Guantanamo Bay? Does he visit the White House? Does he visit Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Does he visit Charles Manson? Does Santa Claus visit Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian? Yes.

Santa is for everyone.

Maybe that’s a lesson we can learn this Christmas.

The Way I See It Jason Hawk, editor Way I See It Jason Hawk, editor