Milford’s gain is Oberlin’s loss

To the editor:

The city of Oberlin will be losing a fine man and an outstanding city manager when Eric Norenberg moves on to serve as manager in Milford, Del.

During his tenure in Oberlin from 2007 to 2014, Eric received stellar evaluations not only from a variety of councils with whom he worked but also from his administrative peers.

When the Norenbergs arrived in 2007, the family committed to the town. The Norenberg children were enrolled in the public schools and Eric and Kaye purchased a home. Eric vowed to walk every city street in an effort to learn the town and its people. Sixty-hour work weeks were the norm.

The Norenbergs’ daughter, Molly, eventually became president of her senior class at Oberlin High School and their son Zack graduated from Oberlin College. Kaye Norenberg became a leader in local real estate.

In addition to serving Oberlin, Eric led professional organizations in both the county and the state.

Eric Norenberg’s many accomplishments, as well as the recognitions he has brought to the city, have been well documented. Most importantly, citizens demonstrated their confidence in city leadership by passing a levy largely due to the tireless efforts of Mr. Norenberg, finance director Sal Talerico, and council president Scott Broadwell. Through sound management and cooperation from workers throughout the city, Oberlin navigated the recession without a single layoff while cities around us struggled.

During the unpleasant pressures from some city council members in 2015, Eric always behaved with professional integrity and personal grace, never expressing publicly his frustration and dismay. He simply reiterated his goals and his commitment to the city.

It is a measure of Eric Norenberg’s personal and professional integrity, combined with his performance record, that he was offered the first job he applied for outside of Oberlin. His qualities were immediately apparent to the city of Milford and he was chosen over a field of 90 candidates.

Milford’s gain is Oberlin’s loss. I thank the Norenberg family for their contributions to the quality of life here in Oberlin during the past nine years. I wish them well.

Sharon Fairchild Soucy

Vice President, Oberlin City Council