Norenberg showed great professionalism

To the editor:

It is with regret that we say farewell to Eric and Kaye Norenberg. They have both contributed their talents and energy to the Oberlin Community, Eric as a dedicated city manager and Kaye as an energetic realtor and active member of the business community.

Eric maintained his dignity and professionalism this past year, as always, in spite of the misguided attempt by some members of council to force his resignation. He continued to ably serve the city and to treat others with respect in the midst of this difficult situation.

It has been a pleasure and an honor for Scott to serve the city of Oberlin alongside Eric, and Ellen and I wish both Eric and Kaye well as they begin this next phase of their lives. The city of Milford has made a good decision to welcome the Norenbergs. We say thank you and best wishes.

Ellen Broadwell

Scott Broadwell, President Oberlin City Council