See the wetland problem for yourself

To the editor:

As a follow-up to John Whitman’s letter in the Dec. 31 issue of the News-Tribune regarding the flooding issue at Wetland A on the Ramsey right-of-way, I make the following challenge: If anyone (Oberlin resident or not) would like to get a guided tour of what your leadership and city hall (one has already departed) spent around $26,000 of your tax dollars in an attempt to solve, call me. My phone number is 440-774-7625 and I guarantee it will be an educational experience.

None of this had to happen. We tried to help the city officials understand the issue and thereby save a number of trees from dying in prolonged standing water. But they dragged their feet for so long and look what you got for $26,000 and lots of dead trees. You won’t believe what you see.

Bert Latran Jr.