Support was a ‘ray of light’ in time of need

To the editor:

A little less than a year ago, our family suffered a fire at our home at 283 Morgan St. It was a frightening, disconcerting, and traumatizing event.

As recent residents of Oberlin (a mere 15 years), my wife and I found ourselves vulnerable without the support of our immediate families. However the people of Oberlin have shown us that family can come in many different forms. In the wake of our loss and over the course of this past year we have been the recipients of the most amazing displays of community support and care. From the very earliest hours to the most recent days we have been blessed by the care of this community.

From our immediate neighbors and co-workers, near and far, to the members of Oberlin’s educational and political institutions, the constant attention to our and our children’s material and emotional needs has been nothing short of moving. I cannot list every individual but I can say to the members of: the Oberlin College community, Oberlin public school system, the fire and police departments, city council, the Red Cross, Oberlin Community Services, the staff of the Oberlin Inn, various members of the Oberlin business community, and a multitude of individuals who in large and small ways have given us advice and support, we say thank you.

As a community, your support has been a ray of light in a dark time.

Charles Peterson