Clearing up King Day information

To the editor:

At the Jan. 4 city council meeting, misinformation regarding an open house at the Phillis Wheatley Community Center on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was given. We have not planned another open house at the PWCC. The rededication will still be taking place, as always, at 12:15 p.m. on Jan. 18 at the MLK Park at Vine and Pleasant streets.

The board members of the Oberlin Underground Railroad Society have unanimously agreed not to have another event at the PWCC in its present format. Instead, we would like to have an event that speaks to the state of racial and social justice matters in this country and in our own backyards from a perspective which we feel Dr. King would have had when speaking of current events. We are still discussing these plans for the future.

It has been most stimulating to remember Dr. King as a man who did not rest as long as there was injustice in the world, and particularly in this country. What would he have surmised about the militarism of our police force nationwide? What about the fight for a livable minimum wage; about the impersonal attitude by industries towards employees who have been in their hire for many, many years; the criminalization of black and brown children simply because of the pigment on their skin for behavior that would only warrant a laugh or a scolding if the child were white; the busting up of unions?

The list could go on and on but I’m sure you get the gist. OURS is welcoming the chance to do something more meaningful and something that would honor Dr. King, we believe, much better than a comfortable, cozy social event.

There is way too much work to be done.

Audrey Kolb, President

Oberlin Underground Railroad Society