Oberlin Market supports renewal levies

To the editor:

The Oberlin City Schools have opened up their doors to assist the community for many events. As a representative from the Oberlin Market, I would like to thank the school system for understanding the needs of the community and opening up its doors to us.

The Oberlin Market would like to support two Oberlin City Schools renewal levies: Issue 25 and Issue 26 on March 15. These are levy renewals and there is no new money to support.

Issue 25, an emergency operating renewal levy, will continue to support well-needed supplies and programs in the classroom and teacher support staff. This issue directly impacts student academic achievement.

Issue 26, a permanent improvement renewal levy, will continue to fund needed building repairs and update our school buses for the district. We can see first-hand many of the needed maintenance repairs at Eastwood while operating the Oberlin Market on Saturdays.

The school system and our students need our support on both of these issues. Vote yes for Oberlin Schools on March 15.

Ed Phillips

Oberlin Market Coordinator