Without financial support, schools could lose much

To the editor:

We are proud to live in a community that places a high priority on the quality of public education. Our son is currently enrolled at Prospect Elementary and our daughter at Langston Middle School. From the time our children entered the school system we have been impressed by the dedication and skill of teachers, principals, and staff in Oberlin schools. These are people who have chosen a profession with long hours and low pay relative to their skill level because of their commitment to educating all of our children.

But the reality is that their ability to continue their good work is contingent on the financial support of the citizens of this community. An emergency operating renewal levy and a permanent improvement renewal levy will both be on the March 15 ballot. The citizens of this community have a crucial opportunity to support our schools. The operating renewal levy provides 14 percent of the school system’s operating budget. The improvement levy provides much-needed dollars necessary for repairs to school facilities and buses. Failure to pass these levies will have a direct negative impacts on the quality of education provided to the youth of Oberlin and New Russia Township – much could be lost.

We voted to support this community’s school system long before we had our first child. We will continue to support Oberlin’s public schools long after our children graduate. I urge you to join us on March 15 by voting yes on issues 25 and 26. Please make this important investment in the children of this community!

John Petersen and Nancy London