Superintendent’s widow: ‘Please pass renewal levies’

To the editor:

I urge voters to pass the Oberlin school district’s renewal levies, issues 25 and 26 on March 15.

Issue 25 is an operational levy first passed in 2011. Issue 26 is a permanent improvement levy first passed in 1976. Combined they generate approximately $1.3 million in revenue to the district. Without passage, the district will lose over 10 percent of its operating budget. There are no new taxes associated with these renewals.

The Oberlin Schools are very important to our family. John Scroth, my husband, and father to two current Oberlin High School students, loved Oberlin and loved his job as superintendent. Even prior to us moving to Oberlin, we open enrolled our twins, Chris and Cam, into the district.

During this time, the diversity of Oberlin, along with rigorous coursework, has made our experience extremely worthwhile.

In addition, I have found the leadership of the schools, since the absence of John, to be steady and forward-looking. John would have expected nothing less from the team he left behind.

Therefore, please sustain our district’s progress by voting yes on issues 25 and 26.

Rebecca Scroth