Renewals will keep Oberlin schools on road to success

To the editor:

The strength and success of the Oberlin City Schools is an important issue for everyone in our community — regardless of whether or not one has children currently enrolled in our local public schools — and I write in support of Issues 25 and 26.

The two levies are often described in language that may seem a bit confusing. Issue 25, “an emergency operating renewal levy,” helps pay for teachers, academic programs, and supplies. It seems to me it would be an emergency if we had a school without these things. Issue 26 is “a permanent improvement renewal levy.” Nothing is really permanent, of course. This funding is for what is commonly called “capital improvement” items, i.e., necessary (and ongoing) repairs to buildings, purchasing new school buses, and other long-term items that are essential for having a school.

Both are renewals. Voting for them will continue the support that has allowed the schools to succeed; it won’t create any new taxes.

The health and welfare of our schools is a crucial element of our community. It is also a reflection of our community and values. Providing quality educational opportunities for our youth ultimately empowers people to improve their prospects in life and shape our society. Please join me in voting yes for issues 25 and 26.

Dale Preston