Not interested in parties? Still support city levies

To the editor:

There are many reasons to vote in this spring’s primary election on Tuesday, March 15, even if you don’t want to choose a ballot for a particular party. Those reasons are mainly local issues that will impact key local services.

Two of those issues are city of Oberlin levies. Issue 10 is a 1.2-mill levy for the general fund that will bring in an estimated $137,050 annually. Issue 11 is a 3-mill levy for the refuse fund that will generate $342,625 a year. Both of these issues are renewals; that is, they do not increase taxes. In addition, by choosing to ask for renewal rather than replacement levies, the city is able to maintain state rollbacks, or discounts, of 10 percent, offered to the residential homeowner as well as an additional 2.5 percent for owner- occupied homes.

As a newly elected city council member, I am finding that city officials and staff try hard to use taxpayer money wisely and prudently. In various ways the state of Ohio has cut revenue sources to local governments in the past years, leaving more of the burden of city financing up to local taxation avenues.

A yes vote for issues 10 and 11 on March 15 will help Oberlin continue quality community services to its residents.

Linda Slocum

Vice Preisdent, Oberlin City Council