Rothgery hard but fair with offenders

To the editor:

I support judge Christopher Rothgery to be re-elected to the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas general division bench for another term.

Judge Rothgery has been endorsed by two FOP lodges, the Lorain County Chief’s Law Enforcement Association, and other individual members of law enforcement. While every defendant who appears before him knows they will get fair treatment, judge Rothgery does not coddle criminals, he holds them accountable. Judge Rothgery also believes that many times you can protect the community from future crimes by treating substance abuse and addictive behaviors. That is why judge Rothgery sends non-violent offenders to treatment but demands they succeed and maintain their sobriety or they will face the consequences.

Judge Rothgery also has the most efficient docket in the general division.

I ask you to vote to re-elect judge Rothgery in the March 15 Democratic primary.

Michael Stempowski