Incidents of concealed carry abuse are real

To the editor:

I was among those who met with Sen. Gayle Manning at the Oberlin Public Library on Friday, Feb. 19, when most of the conversation dealt with the proposed “Guns Everywhere” legislation, HB48, now before the Ohio Senate.

I appreciate Sen. Manning taking the time to listen to our concerns and share her views with us. I was interested to learn that she had twice attended the training course to learn what is required in Ohio to obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense.

However, when Sen. Manning quoted the sheriff who conducted one of the courses to the effect that there had been no instances of abuse of gun laws by carriers of such licenses in Ohio, my curiosity was aroused. I checked the website and found reports of 22 non-self-defensive fatal incidents with a total of 30 deaths through accident, suicide, or homicide in recent years in Ohio by persons with concealed carry licenses.

Given this record, how will the public’s safety be enhanced by allowing concealed weapons in police stations, airports, and daycare centers? Why should both public and private colleges and universities be encouraged to allow “concealed carry” everywhere on campus?

I congratulate Sen. Manning on being chosen to serve as the majority whip. I urge her to use this power to help send HB48 to the wastebasket, where it belongs.

John D. Elder