Board member: Without renewals, district will lose 10 percent of budget

To the editor:

On behalf of the Oberlin school board, I urge voters to pass the Oberlin school district’s renewal levies, issues 25 and 26, on March 15. There are no new taxes associated with these issues, as they are renewals.

Issue 25 is a 5.05-mill operational levy first past in 2011. This levy generates $940,000 per year to the district and is used to pay for personnel, educational programs, arts and music, no “pay to play” athletics, and district-wide busing. Cost per $100,000 home value is $177 per year.

Issue 26 is a 2-mill permanent improvement levy first past in 1976. Monies from this levy can only be used for items that last five years or more and help us pay for such things as building repair and maintenance (e.g. roofs, boilers, electrical, buses, sidewalks, etc). Cost per $100,000 home value is $70 per year.

Combined, these issues generate approximately $1.3 million in yearly revenue to the district. Without passage, the district will lose over 10 percent of its budget.

For clarity, please note that these issues have no relationship to any new building discussions that have taken place over the past couple of years. They are only renewals to existing levies.

We believe the district, led by our new superintendent and experienced treasurer, with support for a unified school board, continues to move our schools forward. Therefore, we are asking the Oberlin community to help us “sustain the progress” by voting yes on issues 25 and 26 on March 15.

Barry Richard

Oberlin School Board Member