A Trump nomination would be a Clinton win

To the editor:

I’m an elected Republican officeholder, a Republican precinct committeeman, and have supported Republican candidates for the last two decades. But I won’t vote for Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination.

Like most voters, I could never support a candidate who mocks the disabled, is slow to disavow the KKK, belittles women, and quotes fascist dictators. Trump is a thin-skinned, vindictive bully who would be a dangerous president. Unfortunately, many Republican voters are falling for the con job Trump is pulling on our party, in spite of his constant contradictions on important issues like taxes, abortion, health care, and our military.

General election polling consistently shows that Trump has the highest negatives of any presidential candidate in a generation. Make no mistake: If Trump gets the Republican nomination, Hillary Clinton will win the November election in a landslide.

A Trump candidacy could lead not only to an electoral college drubbing for the GOP, but also to massive defeats in local races and the loss of the U.S. Senate. Trump has already caused irreversible damage to Republicans… but a Trump nomination could doom the party to the ash bin of history.

The media loves this prospect, of course; it’s why they’ve given Trump the non-stop coverage necessary to propel him toward the nomination. Their knives will be out, though, as soon as he secures enough delegates to become our nominee.

It’s not too late for my fellow Republicans to prevent a Trump candidacy. If they care as much as I do about the conservatism movement in our country — indeed, if they care about our country itself — I urge them not to make the mistake of voting for Trump in the Republican primary.

Phil Van Treuren

Amherst City Councilman