The importance of voting yes

To the editor:

Oberlin has several important levies on the ballot on March 15. All of these levies are renewals, which means that our taxes will not increase.

Our schools have two important levies up for renewal on the ballot: Issue 25 is for general operating expenses, which will assure that our students will have funding to support their teachers, academic programs, and supplies. Issue 26 is for permanent improvements and is necessary to help with maintaining and repairing our school buildings and transportation (repairing and replacing school buses). If these levies fail, the board would have to consider taking measures to reduce spending/costs which could impact busing, building maintenance, academic/sports programs, etc.

Issue 10 is a general fund operating levy that will help our city maintain our operational needs to keep our city safe by supporting our police, fire, planning, streets, and recreation departments. Issue 11 is a refuse operating levy that will continue to support our curbside refuse and recycling services.

All of our levies are renewals, which will not increase our taxes. Please help support the vitality of our community and vote yes on issues 10, 11, 25 and 26.

Robert Hanmer

Oberlin Fire Chief