Teacher: ‘I choose to enroll my students in Oberlin’

To the editor:

I am writing to you to strongly urge the residents of Oberlin to cast their ballots in support of issues 25 and 26, the renewal levies for Oberlin City Schools.

It was the education I received from Oberlin City Schools and the strong community support that gave me the foundation to finish high school, college, and graduate school. As an educator in another school district I had a choice of what district to enroll my two children in. My choice was to return to my hometown of Oberlin so that my children could experience this strong community that supports each other. I knew this choice would allow my children to experience academic opportunities and success that they would not experience in many other districts. I am an employee in another school district that experienced cuts in many vital programs. It was devastating! I don’t want to see that happen in Oberlin.

Oberlin has a large number of long-term residents who have raised their families and taken advantage of the outstanding education offered in the Oberlin school district. Every voter should want young families to put Oberlin at the top of their list for places they want to raise a family and get the best education possible.

We have a great tradition of excellence and it would be a shame to put our record of success in jeopardy.

Please join me and vote yes for issues 25 and 26 and ensure a bright future for our children and our community.

Meisha D. Baker