Aunt says Glass’ struggles make her good candidate

To the editor:

My niece, Sherry Glass, has the life experiences that give her the tolerance, respect, and understanding to handle the sensitive issues that come before a domestic relations judge. Sherry was raised by a single mother with modest means. She too became a young single mother and has dealt with divorce, financial crisis, step-parent conflicts, and raising three children. These life experiences, hardships, and obstacles provide her with the necessary tools to be a firm but fair judge.

Sherry rose above her earlier obstacles and graduated from college and law school, earning every dollar of tuition, every credit hour, and every diploma. She went on to become an effective and respected trial attorney with the Lorain County prosecutor’s office and president of the Lorain County Bar Association.

I’m proud to call Sherry Glass my niece and I will be more proud to vote for the best qualified candidate for judge of the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas, domestic relations division – Sherry Glass.

Ruth Aponte