Glass is hard-working, had humble beginning

To the editor:

I believe Sherry Glass is the most qualified candidate for domestic relations judge. I have known Sherry, almost my entire life, since the age of five. From a young age, Sherry had a very driven personality, one that I very much admired. She was always very diligent, precise, and hard-working, often burning the midnight oil to make sure her school work was not only completed, but perfect. She excelled in everything she set out to do. We came from meager beginnings, both raised by single mothers. Yet she refused to let that hold her back from achieving her goals.

Her decision to enter this race did not come easy, as she gave up her career as an assistant county prosecutor. She has worked tirelessly throughout her career, taking on the toughest cases while balancing her duties as a wife and mother. She doesn’t have the political connections, nor is she part of the “good ol’ boys” club. She is running because she has the experience, integrity, and knowledge. She can use these skills to improve the broken system in Lorain County.

If you want someone in office who cares and will work herself to the bone to ensure fair and swift practices, who can make the toughest decisions yet show compassion, who has given her all to Lorain County and who will continue to do so then I urge you to vote for Sherry on March 15. She is the clear choice!

Lisa Marie Pagan